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Men and the Vaginal Renewal Complex

What would we do without our man? I speak with women all week long.

Sometimes they don’t want to order via the web site, or they have questions to be answered.  Many times they just want to talk.  I had a client call this week as she does every month to order Vaginal Renewal Complex. We talk about many different things.  He wants to helpWhen I suggested she go on our auto ship program to save her shipping cost, she told me the $6.95 she spends was worth it just to chat with me. What a compliment. I really get so much out of these conversations.

But what I find even more commendable are the men that call on their partners behalf.  Some have been together for many years and some not so long.

questions from menLast week I spoke with three men, one was married for many years and the other two had partners.  The one gentleman that stuck out in my mind said he was calling for his partner.  He was very in tuned to what the problem was.  He said she was a very private person and did not want to make the call.  He felt he could help her and he did so eloquently, asking the right questions.  That was amazing because they are together only eight months.  I always end my conversations by suggesting that if their partner would like to talk with me, I am here to answer their questions.

I have such respect for you guys who take the responsibility and make that call.  I always said that this has to do with both people. When we suffer emotionally, physically, and sexually, it affects your partner as well.

I have a lovely man I speak with every several months.  He calls to place an order for his partner in life. He always thanks me and tells me that things have improved with her and their sex life is also so much better.

I have shared this secret before; this is for both women and men to know pop a Vaginal Renewal Complex up before having intercourse.  It is internal and very soothing for both partners.  (Use it in addition to your weekly regiment).

Doesn’t it sound nice not having to interrupt that moment?

Comment below and let me know how you feel.

Author: Olga Cohen

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