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Life, Menopause and the Meaning of Flowers

Flowers have a meaning all their own. It’s the dictionary of flowers.

DaisyThe Maiden Years
When we are young our vase is filled with Daisies, Crocus, and Dogwood, arranged precisely to remind us that the world is our oyster and there is nothing that can stop us from achieving what we want.

Daisy is our innocence, Crocus our youthful gladness, and Dogwood which means love (undiminished by adversity). Throw a little fennel in there for strength and maybe a little Celandine which means joys to come. Placed perfectly in your life and watch it as it develops.

HibiscusThe Mothering Years
As we get older and life starts changing, so do our choice of flowers. We arrange our vase with Hibiscus (delicate beauty), Polyanthis (confidence), and Protea (courage). Our group of flowers looks beautiful and full of purpose. Our bodies are strong and hopeful. There is marriage, children and careers.

But as the pressure of our world grows, once again, we are reminded that we need to change the vase and fill it with Olive (peace), Aster (Patience), and Pear Blossom (comfort).

Olive BranchAhhh, doesn’t that sound perfect!  Take some time, relax in a bath, listen to music and look at your vase of flowers which reminds us of where we are at this time in our life.

The Crone Years
The years push ahead, our vase changes once again; filling the space with Dalias (dignity), Peppermint (warmth of feeling), Pear Blossom (comfort) and throw in a little Abution (meditation), for relaxation.

In my garden room which houses many flowers and plants, I am reminded of one particular plant that just was not making it.  It had lost all but one sad looking leaf and just seemed to want to give up. But it didn’t.  When I stopped watering it because I thought it was just about ready to be thrown out, another shoot would grow.

LOVEI started watering it again, and then once again, it didn’t look like it was going to make it.

Like the previous time, I was about ready to discard it when another little shoot started growing. It kept coming back to life reminding us that life has its time and today my beautiful plant is full and healthy. It has become my garden room inspiration. Our bodies are just like those plants and flowers. They need to be nurtured and taken care of.

My little secret: Pick flowers from all different times of your life.  Embrace them, take care of them, and allow yourself the comfort that we all are entitled to.

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Author: Olga Cohen

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