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Is Sex A State of Mind?

We think when we are young we just take for granted that sex is part of our world.  I grewup in the sixties and got married at 18 years old (much too young).  That’s what we did back then.   For most of us, our husbands were our “first”, so when I got divorced and became sexually active with a new partner, I was scared.   “What if I was not a good sex partner”. How would I know, I had not had sex with anybody else.

Is Sex A State of Mind?

“How would I look to him naked”?  When the time came, it was perfect!!  My libido was raging and it all seemed right.

Now we are over middle age and we still want to feel the same way.  I have spoken with several women who just want to feel that libido again.  As we physically change, our state of mind changes.  We have to create the atmosphere to make it right.  As our estrogen levels decreases so does our yearning for sex.
Some women choose to use some testosterone cream, I did, and it helped.  Light a candle, plan something sensual.  Don’t be afraid to use some toys. Great music doesn’t hurt. Whatever works!

Today I spoke with Lou Paget, a talk show host, and author of “How To Be A Great Lover”, check out her web site . You might get some really helpful advice.

I truly tried all sorts of crèmes and gels to make sex easier with less discomfort.  It left me cold (I mean that literally) I hated the slimy feeling.  One of the attributes of Vaginal Renewal Complex is that it goes directly into the vagina before having intercourse and does not interfere with any sexual pleasures of your choosing and doesn’t ruin “the moment”.

I think whatever is necessary to make your sexual life better, is worth the effort.

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Author: Olga Cohen

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