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Woman Eating CerealIt’s true!

Well, that’s what this Shredded Wheat commercial said.  “It was reported that when a woman reaches 80, her sex drive increases”….and there on the TV sits a mature women so thrilled to hear this that she starts vigorously eating her cereal, “because it is healthy for your heart.”  She even tries to encourage her husband to eat along. What does that tell you? That we’ve come a long way, baby!

Ten years ago you would never have seen a commercial depicting sexuality and senior women, except for Geritol or Boost! But today the word vagina is no longer taboo.  Today, there are actually several prescription medications specifically for the vaginal area that are advertised through television and radio.  In fact, I filmed a commercial in Maryland recently, and when I asked if there were any words I couldn’t use, the director said, “go for it; say whatever you want to say.”

It’s about time that we start thinking outside of the box.  I speak with many women who are certainly past menopause who still suffer with the symptoms associated with peri and post menopause.  Many cannot have sexual intercourse because it is so painful.

I created Vaginal Renewal Complex because it helped me so much to eliminate my vaginal dryness. I thought that if I could just get people to talk about this issue, I could help them too.  I am happy to say that after five years of speaking with women all over the country, they are finally more open to talk about their issues, and I believe that television and radio has factored into that change.

Let’s keep the conversation going. dancing woman

You know what they say: 30 is the new 20, 40 is the new 30, etc., etc.

My little secret:  I’m going out and buying myself a box of Shredded Wheat!!!! I’ll be 80 one day.





Author: Olga Cohen

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