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Is HRT Safe For Post-Menopausal Women? Panel Confirms Known Risks.

This week we are honored to welcome Susie Hadas as our guest to discuss HRT, menopause and hot flashes. Her company, Personally Cool launched Coldfront, the world’s first personal cooling kit with Recool Technology in 2012. From boo-boos, burns and headaches, to feeling overheated, a coldfront chill relieves heat and pain without any side effects.

Is HRT Safe For Post-Menopausal Women?
by Susie Hadas

Hormone Replacement TherapyGoogling “is HRT safe for women” yields 3,290,000 results. Journals, government agencies, and reputable health sites, have all taken turns at exploring and explaining the positives and negatives of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as it relates to menopause and hot flashes.

Finding, understanding and digesting the existing information requires a great deal of time, patience, and perhaps an advanced degree in medicine! In keeping with the one-size-does-not-fit-all vein, we have talked with women who have experienced HRT in significantly different ways – both good and bad.

While the controversy over HRT use during menopause rages on, the question of whether or not HRT should be used to prevent chronic diseases and conditions in women post menopause has been asked – again. The results don’t vary all that much from the 2002 or 2005 findings except that now there is even more evidence of the associated risks.

The recommendations to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) tell the story of the analysis of nine randomized and placebo-controlled clinical trials that sum up the impact of estrogen only, and progestin plus estrogen, hormone replacement therapies.  Below is a chart that summarizes the results based on the analyses:

Progestin + Estrogen

The USPSTF Draft Recommendation Statement can be found here.

Although there are women who remain on HRT post-menopause, it is clear that the risks of HRT outweigh the benefits.

Whether we are talking about the hormone-free and convenient relief that Coldfront provides from hot flashes, heat and pain or Vaginal Renewal Complex for hormone-free relief of vaginal dryness, we are WOMEN HELPING WOMEN to find the best solution for whatever condition we share.

Based on the latest findings, do you think HRT is worth it? What have your experiences been?

Author: Olga Cohen

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