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I imagine many of you have heard of the new book, “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James.  I got a call from my youngest daughter: Mommy, I need you to take the boys over night.  I am reading this new trilogy novel and WOW. You should read it. It is sexually explicit, and is truly a character study of two young people falling in love and the complications of their lives.  My older daughter suggested that this type of book might not be good for me because of the hard line sexuality described in the contents.  Well, I can clearly state that I am on the third book.  It is for all of us who want to feel that special feeling.  I think that the sex is part of what makes this a stimulating experience for ALL ages.  The only difference is that as we get older, we need a little more help to experience what a younger woman might feel.  That’s where Vaginal Renewal Complex comes in.  It works, not only on yourself, but it is very soothing for your partner as well.

I spoke with a woman last week who has only been on our program for one month (she just ordered her second shipment), she was so thrilled and said that her vagina feels “normal” again (which by the way, we should feel whether we are sexually active or not).

That’s what I like to hear!

Author: Olga Cohen

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