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Inspiring Women: JoAnn’s Post Menopausal Enlightenment

A Pretty Face This week’s guest blogger is a dedicated and accomplished woman, who I have known  for over 30 years. She has never ceased to amaze me and hers, is a great Human Interest Story that proves that there is nothing that we can’t do if we really put our mind to it, no matter what age we are.

I have been fortunate enough to act in two of her One Act Play Festivals and I hope you are as inspired by her Post Menopausal Enlightenment as I am. It is with the greatest admiration that I introduce my dear friend JoAnn:

Women Inspiring Women: JoAnn’s Post Menopausal Enlightenment 

Joann68! and having the best time of my life. Acting, directing, producing . . . establishing myself as a player in the local theater scene.

As a child I made up plays for my friends. Although an insecure little girl, easy to cry (my family called me Sarah Heartburn), not always sure what to say, I always raised my hand when it came time to perform. Whether it was a dance recital, orchestra, choir, or a school play I was onstage or backstage. In College I changed my minor in Physics to a Theater degree. There I learned about set design, stage lighting, acting and directing.

But work, marriage and children got in the way and my thespian needs were tucked away. Then a funny thing happened as I approached the big, bad age of 50. My period stopped suddenly and the hot flashes began. I was having such trouble anticipating this milepost that I made a list of the things I wanted to accomplish before my upcoming birthday. On the top of that list was to get on the stage again.

I tried everything I could think of but nothing worked out. That summer I read the part of the mother at a play reading. About a month later I got a call from a local director. He was looking for an actress to play the mother in a Neil Simon play, and my name came up. I auditioned the first time in years, and on the morning of my dreaded birthday, I got a call that I had landed the part.

As is often said, the rest is history. From that time on I have been a thespian. I started my own play reading group. Began to do a little acting and got involved with a couple of nearby theater groups. For the last three years I have co-produced an annual one-act play festival. Most recently I became Managing Producer of yet another theater company.

So all in all I am living and breathing theater. I do find some time to head into New York City to see the big kids perform, and even had a chance to direct a couple of plays in the city this past summer. I can’t imagine a better way to spend my time. To see more of what I am doing please go to

My little secret: Follow your dreams; and they will take you to exactly where you are meant to be.


Author: Olga Cohen

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