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It’s hard to imagine growing old.
My Mom is 92 years old.  She has dementia and seems to forget how old she is.  What makes it even harder is that my Dad passed away a few weeks ago on Christmas day.

He was two months shy of 99 years old.  But when she asked me why Dad died, I had to tell her that he was very old and his body just stopped working.  “How old was he”, she would ask.  When I told her she was horrified, “I thought he was 86” she would say.  “Then how old am I?  I thought I was in my 70’s”.  No Mom, you’re 92!!

dancing woman

After the funeral, I returned her to the assisted living, where they lived together for some time.  She looked at all the elderly residents many in wheel chairs and said, I don’t belong here, I just want to put on my roller skate and go skating.”  Mom roller skated until she was 82 and played tennis up until her 85 year.

Mom was truly a beauty as a young woman, and still very beautiful as an older woman.  She taught me how to take care of myself, especially my skin.  Mom has smooth, almost no wrinkles, on her skin to this day; always moisturizing her whole body, for as many years as I can remember.  She would tell me how important is to take care of your skin.

Mom and Dad

They were the dashing couple.  Everyone wanted to know them; they were Middle Eastern and European, a mixture of cultures with stories that could last for hours.

They met in India, in the midst of World War II, fell in love and that was 72 years ago.  They always held hands; Dad would whistle operas to her and she would think that was the most beautiful thing in the world.  They truly had a lifelong love affair.

Now it’s my turn to teach my children how to take care of their bodies.  My oldest daughter, also an early menopause woman, uses Vaginal Renewal Complex which helps her keep her body and vagina supple and moist.

She also suffers from hot flashes and dry skin.  When one is very dry it doesn’t only affect the vagina.  Her eyes tend to be dry too.  I suggest using pure essential oil on her body which helps to keep her skin moist.  I coat my body with oil every time I shower.  I prefer that to water based products that I find actually dry the skin out after it is absorbed.  Pure oil does not dissipate but is absorbed into the pores, just like what Vaginal Renewal Complex does for the vagina.

We are the baby boomers, the next generation of women.  I was so lucky to have an open minded Mom who taught me what to do for my skin.  I am fortunate to have the same relationship with my girls.

My little secret:  We are “women helping women”; keep the chain going.  Give your daughters a gift of open-mindedness and teach them how they can look good at any age.

Photo: Geezer Planet

Author: Olga Cohen

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