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Behind The Scenes: How We Process Vaginal Renewal Complex

This week I received some wonderful questions from our VRC community and I thought this information could be useful to all our readers.

Question: “I am familiar with all the ingredients in Vaginal Renewal Complex but I am wondering what makes them work so well together?” ~Jackie from Long Island, NY 

Olga: Our distinctive combination of Gamma-Linolemic Acid (GLA), Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Research of VRCNonsaponifiable fatty acid, are the finest in terms of ingredient selection and quality, as well as manufacturing standards.

Our oils are of the highest grade available and we choose to use only natural ingredients, which are subject to market conditions. The benefit of our extensive research and personal dedication is the synergistic action that occurs in the vaginal lining cells. Rather then just coating as most do, VRC is absorbed by the cells of the vagina, preventing and reversing dryness and discomfort.

Question:  “As I get older, I find that I am more prone to vaginal infections, how do I know that your applicators are safe to insert into my body?” ~Anonymous

Olga: I share that same concern. That is why our applicators go through a double sterilization process.  We first sterilize the tips, then the VRC Packagingapplicators are measured and filled, capped, individually bagged and sealed, and then it goes through final sterilization before they are placed in a box.

One might question why we don’t give a single applicator with bulk product to be re-used.  The reason is simple; we want to make sure that each time our user places a VRC into her vagina that it is sterile.  Once an applicator is exposed to the elements, it then can become contaminated.  We feel responsible to give the safest product to those who put their trust in us by using Vaginal Renewal Complex. By the way, our applicators are made with the highest pharmaceutical grade materials.  I was emphatic that we NEVER cut corners.

It is our mission to always bring the best product to the market and always continue to improve it when necessary.

Along with questions and concerns, I am always so personally grateful when someone takes the time to share their thoughts like this email that I received the other day:

“btw, I love the product and couldn’t live without.  I told my doctor about it and he is going to share the information with other patients that have the same condition (vaginal atrophy) and have not been able to find an over the counter product that works.” Thank you CF.

MY little secret: Things in our lives that look easy don’t always work as well as the ones that take a little extra time and cost towards perfection.

Author: Olga Cohen

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