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Dr. Greene Q&A


Dr Greene,
I often listen to your show and heard about this product, Inner Intimates.  My mother-in-law is 75 years old and a breast cancer survivor. She recently had a bleeding scare with urination.  After testing they determined it is from a thin vaginal wall.  She is red and irritated in her vagina and they want her to see a gynecologist.  She cannot take anything with estrogen.  Would this product be right for this problem?  I also heard you mention a pill on your radio program, but I cannot remember what it was.  Please help me so I can help her. Sincerely, ~E


Dr. Greene’s answer:
Yes Inner Intimates would be great to use to lubricate the vulva and vaginal area. The oral tablet you are inquiring about is new on the market and is not an estrogen. This can rebuild the the urethral wall. It is called Osphena. The dose is 60mg per day. Again, this might make a difference for your mother. I would ask her breast Dr. to be certain that she can take it. However there should not be a problem. Good luck and let us know how you do.
Sinerely, Dr. Greene

Author: Olga Cohen

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