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Do I Want To have Sex ? My Mind Says Yes, But My Libido Says No

You are the ham to my sandwichI talk vaginas all week long with so many women…and men too.  Sometimes I am even lucky enough to get both partners on the phone.  Most of the women I speak with really want to feel their “mo-Jo” again but because of their extreme dryness they say it is too painful, which just adds to their lack of libido.

When I entered menopause, and my period stopped, I was thrilled; no more painful crampy bleeding every month.  However, no one told me that I would dry up and my sex drive would diminish.

Dr. Greene prescribed testosterone crème that I would place on my inner thighs and it really helped. I would create my own romantic environment (soft music, lighting candles, a lot of touching and caressing) but when it came time to have intercourse, out would come those awful cold gels and I would once again be reminded that I am all dried up. It would make me feel old and un-sexual.

However, I was not going to give up!! I would not let Mother Nature get the better of me and make me feel like I had lost a part of who I am.

Couple embracingMany of the women I talk with tell me they have not had sex in a very long time.  “It’s impossible” they say, “it hurts too much and sometimes I bleed”.  They all respond by saying “but my husband is very understanding; what can I do?”

Your partner might be understanding; that is what long time relationships are about.  However, just as you wish to re-gain your libido, he wishes the same too.

I recently talked to a couple who asked a lot of questions about Vaginal Renewal Complex and how it can help restore vaginal moisture.  They both asked very significant questions; but at the end of our half hour long conversation, her husband said “will this help with her sexuality?” I suggested that they speak with her gynecologist about the possibility of using a testosterone compound such as the one Dr. Greene prescribed for me and insert an applicator of Vaginal Renewal Complex prior to having intercourse (in addition to her regiment).  It is very soothing for both partners. These are natural oils and cannot hurt you.  Move slowly and always remember that BOTH of you suffer the pain of vaginal dryness.

Another user called to be placed on our auto ship program.  She has been a client for a few months.  She said; “It is great to feel sexual again”.

Another client decided to stop for a month to see if her dryness would return.  She called and re-ordered and asked to go on our auto ship program as well because yes indeed without lubrication she did start to feel dry again.

My goal is to make every women feel good about themselves.  Though I can’t inhibit the physical changes that occur as we age, with the help of Vaginal Renewal Complex I can help many women eliminate the vaginal dryness, which is so debilitating.  The rest is up to you.

Author: Olga Cohen

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