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Dancing the Feminine Rhythm

I am honored to Welcome Susan Gala, a Holistic Pelvic-core therapist as our Guest Blogger, take it away Susan:

A woman who is embodied in her pelvis is dancing in her feminine rhythm. She owns her power, her sensuality, and her loving heart without compromise.

From this deep core of embodiment a woman creates her desires.  This is where she begins to live in harmony fully integrated into her rhythm.

She is  embodied in her presence fully aligned and balanced.  She owns her inner passion and  radiant glow.  She is devoted to being present in her senses, in her breath, and in her bodies sensations.

Most women are scared to fully be present in their bodies, and retreat into their head, leaving their bodies to become a shell. We lose touch with  our desires, our sensual radiance, and our deepest feminine rhythm when we are trapped in our pelvis.

Let’s sense this rhythm of the Pelvis

Prepare by standing with feet hip distance apart.

  1. Place one hand on the top of your hip bone(crest) and one on your sits bones. You can better visualize and gain a sense of the shape of the pelvis from  the sides of your hips.
  2. Place one hand on the sacrum in the lower back of the pelvis and one hand on the pubic bone in the lower front of the pelvis, this will give you a sense of the dimension of the pelvis front and back.
  3. The pelvis tilts or rocks front and back, bumps or lifts side to side and circles.

Now that you can sense the pelvis, let’s practice a little movement!

  1. Rock the pelvis front and back several times keeping your knees soft and unlocked Holistic Pelvic-core therapistwhile sensing the pubic bone and sacrum.
  2. Rock your pelvis clockwise, while sensing the pubic bone, hip bones and sacrum.
  3. Rock your pelvis counterclockwise.
  4. Rock and Lift your right hip up and down like a hip bump and repeat left side.
  5. Shake your hips as if you were shaking water off your hands.

These hip shakers will allow for more freedom in your body, more pleasure during intimacy and ignite your lady parts…While restoring the pelvic floor muscles, release emotion and allow creative energy to flow.

Dancing is a fun way to open up your sensual energy and exercise at the same time. Remember, in dance there is no right or wrong, so get up and move to your feminine rhythm. When you move your pelvis with ease and grace you enliven the energy flow throughout your entire body. Restoring the pelvic floor muscles will condition your entire body, release emotion and allow creative energy to flow in a feminine way.

Sharing one of my favorite quotes:
“Does my sexiness upset you? Does it come as a surprise? That I dance like I’ve got diamonds at the meeting of my thighs?” ~  Maya Angelou

Here’s to owning your inner sexy,

I invite you to ignite your feminine rhythm and embody your lady parts with a complimentary phone conversation.

Susan GalaSusan Gala is a Holistic Pelvic-core therapist in NYC. She has integrated her 25yrs. in Women’s Health & Wellness as a Licensed Massage Therapist into her practice as an Integrated Pelvic-Core Therapist. Click Here to learn more about Holistic Pelvic-care.

Connect with Susan
Susan Gala, LMT
Holistic Pelvic-core therapist

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