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Can Breastfeeding be making Intercourse Uncomfortable?

Q: I’m experiencing dryness and itching as a result of breastfeeding, which is making intercourse painful.Breastfeeding I dislike the cold gel lubrication options we’ve tried to this point.My daughter is 15 weeks old, but I’m not planning on ending our breastfeeding relationship for at least the first year – would this product be appropriate for someone in my situation?

A: Dr. Greene did a usage study with 30 of her patients, two of them were in their 30’s and breastfeeding.  They definitely had a positive response to our product.

I, too hate the cold lubricating gels we were forced to use to eliminate the dryness during sex.  Because Vaginal Renewal Complex is made with natural oils, it can only help. Even though VRC is meant as a regiment to be used several times a week, to help strengthen  the vaginal wall and bring back moisture, I tell many of our users, just pop one up prior to having intercourse, it is very soothing for both partners. It is also inserted directly into the vagina, so there is no mess like those gels and does not disturb the “moment”.

We also have a Vaginal Wash with sponge, a soap-less cleanser that is mild and helps with the itchiness and dryness. We offer that as a free gift with your first purchase.,

So I would defiantly say, yes it is appropriate for your condition.


Author: Olga Cohen

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