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Are there secrets to making menopause work for you?

There was a recent news article in about how 50 million women are dealing with menopause.  Some believe that the use of human hormone growth will inhibit the effects of menopause by feeling more energetic and stating that it helps them sleep better without the annoying and impossible hot flashesWarning Estrogen Levels in this household may be toxic   Menopause for me was awful.  I was so young (43).   I had just started my business in the cosmetic manufacturing world and had so much pressure; and then BAM! I went into full fledge menopause.  I can’t quite decide whether the hot flashes were worse than the vaginal dryness.

But I also found myself a little embarrassed,  that I, this young woman, had joined the ranks of menopause. When Dr. Greene put me on an estrogen patch and progesterone, I felt as though I was old and I became a bit scared. It took me a good couple of weeks to finally decide to use the patch and pill.  I remember taking a deep breath and thinking, here we go. By the way, that patch and pill made me 10 times worse, but in different ways.  The next course of hormone therapy did work after a while and I opted to stay on the pills for 10 (!!) years. How crazy is that?

I think it is great if you can follow what the report is conveying about the types of food we eat and the exercise program we partake in.  I do it all, however, I would add just one more thing to that program and that would be Vaginal Renewal Complex.  You can help with the hot flashes by staying away from certain foods, and you can feel more energetic if you exercise.  When it comes to vaginal dryness, nothing is mentioned in this report.

More and more women are finally speaking out about this most important condition.  Don’t stop talking.  That is exactly the reason I came out with this wonderful oil.

Author: Olga Cohen

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