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I just finished reading an article in The Sun January 2012 called A Country Where You Once Lived.   Ms. St. Germain has suggested that just because we are older and our sex drive is different with age and menopause, we don’t belong is the same country as we did when we were “young and ripe”.

vaginal dryness
Is it true that as we age our vaginas get dryer and our sex drive lessens?  Yes, but that does not mean that we don’t want to have sex or we do not feel sexual, it means that we have to think of other ways to accomplish having sex.

I wrote recently that a woman I spoke with said she felt as if she was having sex with a razor blade.  Well, ladies that is one of the main reasons I created Vaginal Renewal Complex.  I am just like all of you who experience vaginal dryness.  I speak with women all the time who do want to have sex, who do want to feel better and retake their lives back from Mother Nature.

It sounds like Ms. St. Germain is suggesting that all of you who are postmenopausal and share these problems should find another comfortable and complacent country to live in.

Well, those of you who feel like that, I say go for it.  But those of you, like myself, who want to work at making ourselves better, not only for yourself but for your partner, I say don’t you go anywhere, but home.

We are living longer and healthier lives today.  Don’t ever give up.

My little secret today is; for those of you, who want to try to feel better, check our Vaginal Renewal Complex.  It’s made with natural ingredients, its hormone free.  These are all the things I wanted for myself and for me it worked.

Author: Olga Cohen

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