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A 60th anniversary…and a first

It’s hard to believe that the Today Show is celebrating its 60th anniversary.  I was only 6 years old when it went on air.   

Barbara Walters is my inspiration.  She paved the way for women in the work place. I To me, she was fearless.

In 1984, when I started my first business, cosmetic manufacturing, it was very hard to be taken seriously as a woman in that field. Things have changed since then.  With strength and fortitude I forged forward.  I was in my late 30s and thought I could accomplish whatever I wanted — and I did.

 I had my business for 22 years. I started with 6 women. We cooked out of stock pots with heating bands and created lipsticks, mascara and other color cosmetics for companies who put their name on the label.  It was very hard being a divorced mother of three, but I never wavered.

I beat the pavement everyday and developed a strong company, employing over 200 people.

I feel the same about what I have chosen to do today.  When I started this project, Vaginal Renewal Complex, I had no idea how many women I would be speaking with that shared the same problems that I experienced with menopause. 

We have just celebrated our 1st anniversary, and I thank all of you who have supported and used our product.  I look forward to a wonderful and productive year with more to come.

Author: Olga Cohen

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