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What every (pregnant) woman should know

Pregnancy, Stretch Marks and VRCEven though my mother taught me nearly everything about taking care of my body, she never told me how to take care of myself through pregnancy — and the possibility of stretch marks.

Mom had two children and never had any stretch marks on her.  I, on the other hand, had big babies. After my first child, I was left with the scars of stretch marks.  I was very young and just assumed that they would go away after the baby was born.  I was wrong.

When my girls were pregnant, I filled up a bottle of the best essential oils I could gather and told them to coat their stomachs with oil to give the elasticity to that area.  Upper thighs were also important.  Guess what: it worked. My older daughter did not have any stretch marks on her body!  My younger daughter, pregnant with twins, rubbed oil over her stomach and thighs twice a day and after delivering her son, does not have any stretch mark on her either.

It works the same way internally.  Our vaginas need to be lubricated in order to allow our skin to have the same elasticity and suppleness. Shea oil is a wonderful moisturizer, as is evening primrose oil which contains GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid).

It’s hard enough watching our bodies change when we are pregnant, but we know we will recover and with exercise and diet and the right moisturizer we will return to normal.  Stretch marks never go away.

Whether you are post menopausal or have just given birth, give yourself a gift and listen to my little secret and keep yourself moisturized inside and out.

Author: Olga Cohen

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