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The Things You Learn in the Nail Salon

It seems that every season when the weather changes so does my skin. It never fails, it starts with a burning, itching feeling from the inside out (almost like a hot flash) and no matter how much I scratch, it never feels better. If I go to a warm place, like Florida, within 24 hours the burning/itch it gone and I feel just fine until I return home to the cold weather and the itching starts again.

I have never had visually dry skin. It always looks soft and moist, but the truth is the cold weather takes its toll and turns my skin into a painful itchy mess. This is going on for years and no matter how hard I tried to moisturize with various products, the itch was still there.

Dry skin can be caused by several underlying medical conditions, but in researching them, I didn’t seem to fit in to any of the obvious categories; I just itched all over. I was sitting in my nail salon one day, scratching away while a “nail” friend asked me why I was scratching so badly. After I explained my dilemma, she said, “Ah, I have the
same thing and I also have a cure.”manicure-564945_1280

She told me what she did and it sounded too extensive and quite silly, but I listened and thought that the reason our skin gets so dry in the winter time is the lack of moisture and dryness in the air. So I took her advice, modified it a bit and thought I would give it a try.

Our unique IFRC uses NO preservatives and contains NO parabens. It’s the healthier choice to ease dry skin.

The next day I showered, not too hot, I used a moisturizing soap, and when I finished, I patted my skin dry (don’t rub) and I applied a water based lotion to my body, especially in the most affected areas. After applying the lotion, which was nice and cooling, I then topped it off with my body oil which sealed in the moisture and to my surprise, I didn’t scratch all day!

I have been doing this treatment for several weeks now and I feel like a new person. Isn’t it remarkable how little lifestyle changes can help prevent the dry skin syndrome?

This is what I learned:
*Showering time should be no more than 10 minutes
*Don’t take extremely hot showers
*Use a liquid moisturizing soap
*After showering, pat your body dry
*Moisturize with a water based lotion
*Then put your body oil to seal in the moisture.
*Drink plenty of water

My little secret: If you have similar issues, I’m telling you it works! But don’t forget to use lotions that do not contain parabens. I now have it covered all ways. Ah, the things we learn at the nail salon.


Author: Olga Cohen

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