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The secret to youthful radiant skin, what is your skincare regimen?

It is never too early or too late to start caring for your skin.

When I was a teenager, I was prone to get clogged pores and pimples.  It was embarrassing and painful.  I would pick at them every morning before school.  My parents finally sent me to a dermatologist who taught me the importance of keeping my face healthy and clean. And what a difference it made. To this day, I never use harsh soaps to cleanse my face.

But, as I maturClean Beautiful Skined so did my skin.  It was probably my experience as a teenager that drew me to the cosmetic business for so many years. There I learned even more, what is good and not for your skin. I really take good care of my skin.  I get a facial once a month.  I have my face exfoliated, cleansed, I get a glycolic peel and light fusion treatments, each month.  I have been doing that for over 20 years.

When I created Vaginal Wash with sponge, I did so with the intent of offering you the same treatment I do for myself, that keeps me feeling refreshed.  It occurred to me one day, if Vaginal Wash is soothing for “down there,” why not my face?  It’s soapless and very mild.  I started trying it and WOW it works. My face looks amazing, clean, and shiny and why not, it’s the same wonderful formula but for your face as well.  However, I should tell you there are some of our clients that love the wash so much; they use it as an all-over body wash.

So here’s my little secret. Try our Vaginal Wash to cleanse your face as well and your vagina.  It works, it’s soapless and contains no harsh chemicals.  It’s formulated with our wonderful evening primrose oil and tea tree oil.  And of course it has no parabens.
Let me know what you think.

Author: Olga Cohen

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