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Protect Your Lips In Style – NEW Lip Lytes

I wear Lip Fusion/Lip protector mostly at night, or when I take my lipstick off. But I thought how I can have the same wonderful feeling when I wear my lipstick?
I knew what I had to do:

INTRODUCING LIP LYTES: If you like the moisturizing feeling of Lip Fusion/ Lip Protector, you’ll love Lip Lytes. With the infusion of shimmering pearls, we use the same wonderful ingredients, including our signature complex of oils and vitamins, to help make your lips feel healthy and smooth while adding color.

  • Available in 4 beautiful pearl shades
  • Contains natural ingredients

After I picked the pearls, I needed to find the perfect names. Each shade represents a part of who we are as women:

  • Berry – Courageous
  • True Pink – Persistent
  • White/gold – Powerful
  • Bronze – Accomplished

Try ALL NEW Lip Lytes today and save 20% on your purchase until October 31, 2018

Author: Olga Cohen

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