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After using many different over the counter products to help eliminate vaginal dryness, I realized that it was a quick fix and they simply did not work. Most directed women to use their product on the outside of the vagina as a lubricant.  I found them to be cold, slimy or greasy, and simply made me feel uncomfortable.  They were all re-usable and I felt that could produce a contamination and I simply did not want to use that on my private area.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients on these over the counter products, such as Replens, Poise, K-Y Jelly and Astroglide? Each one of these products; the first ingredient is water.  Water does not absorb.  I spoke with a woman who told me that she was in a business meeting with a large group of

people.  Her gynecologist had recommended Replens to help with her extreme dryness.  She had inserted her dosage as directed.  As she stood up to leave the meeting, the product, being mostly water, had poured out of her and her pants were soaking wet, “embarrassing.”

Well, let’s look at this for a minute:  The first ingredient is purified water.  That means that the largest percentage in the product is in fact “water.”  The second ingredient is glycerin.  The consistency of glycerin is syrupy and thick.  It mixes well in water, but not in oil.   It is true that glycerin is a good lubricant (like suppositories), but it simply does not absorb.  The third ingredient is mineral oil.  I use mineral oil to take my eye make-up off.  It’s inexpensive and very oily, so it works well for that purpose.  But, I would not use it as a moisturizer because it tends to clog the pores and is also non-absorbing.  Why then would I use it in my vagina??? K-Y Jelly also contains, water as their first ingredient and glycerin as the second.  However, K-Y is used for sexual lubrication only.  It does not go in the inside of the vagina but used on the outside to help with sexual comfort.

However, BOTH of these products contain parabens. 

There is controversy over the use of parabens in cosmetics and/or personal products.  Parabens have been known to slightly mimic estrogen, which we know plays a role in the development of breast cancer. Even though the studies have not been completely conclusive, researchers found   that in some breast tumors small amounts of parabens were detected.

It was my mission to make sure that Vaginal Renewal Complexbe made without water, but only using the finest and purest ingredients to truly accomplish finding a solution

Dr. Leo Galland

for vaginal dryness, and not just a quick fix.  With the help of Dr. Leo Galland (, an integrated medical doctor, we were able to create a product that works and is made with natural ingredients.

Dr. Galland has worked with Evening Primrose Oil for over 30 years and its effectiveness has been well documented.  I wasn’t interested in just getting a quick fix for my vaginal dryness, but to really work on a solution to help rebuild the suppleness of the vaginal wall; as it tends to thin down as one loses estrogen, which results in vaginal dryness.  Evening Primrose Oil (our first ingredient) truly helps to do just that.  As the vaginal wall starts to thicken again, pure Shea oil in sync with Evening Primrose Oil, keep you feeling moisturized. Vitamin D3 helps to strengthen the tissue and our anti-oxidants of Vitamin E, C (also helps with the chaffing) and Penoxyethanol (a preservative naturally found in green tea) keeps our products naturally safe.


But most important, it works!!  No Water, No Glycerin, No Mineral Oil, but only the best absorbing ingredients and not a quick fix, but a long lasting change.

That’s my little secret


Author: Olga Cohen

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