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A while back, I realized that not only does our vaginal wash work wonders in my personal area, but that it is a wonderful facial cleanser too. Because of this discovery, we are now in the process of repositioning our wash to include the body and face.

Our product has always included a soft loofa, yet we realized that the soft version is good for “down there”, but not so good for the face. Personally, I have always used a two-sided facial sponge: One side for deep cleaning to remove a days’ worth of makeup, and the other side for soft cleansing. So, I am very excited because not only will we be including our original (loofa) Feminine Sponge with our new “FEMININE WASH”, we are adding a new and very effective Facial Sponge.

My face has never looked better. I cleanse it twice a day with Feminine Wash and then apply our Intensive Facial Revitalizer Complex (IFRC). What’s great about IFRC is that my face doesn’t feel oily, as the product absorbs quickly into the skin. This combination of the Feminine Wash with the IFRC makes my face feel so clean and I am left with a wonderful glow. I have been asked if I use a moisturizer along with the IFRC and my answer is no, that is my overall moisturizer. I don’t need anything else.

More good news … we’ve heard your requests, so both the loofa and facial sponge will also be available for purchase separately from the product.

My little secret: I have always tried to bring out products that have worked well for me and helped create an environment to keep my body and skin healthy. When someone compliments my face, I feel gratified that I can offer the same program that has worked so well for me over the years.

Since we are WOMEN HELPING WOMEN, it is my mission to share our secrets with each other.

Maybe you have something you would like to share. So let’s talk about it.





Author: Olga Cohen

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