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Autumn | Such A Beautiful Time of the Year

It’s still mild in New York this time of year.  I just love the crispness of the morning.  It’s so nice to put on a sweater, go outside and breathe in the cool air.

I was out walking my sweet Maxie (click here to see my perfect little dog Maxie), and as I looked around I couldn’t get over how breathtaking the Montauk daisies seem this year.  So full, and with its white bloom it just makes the green background of my yard look perfect.

I am blessed with a lovely piece of property and I have planted my trees and flowers, over the years, to start blooming in mid-March and end with white Montauk daisies and colorful Mums; just seemed to make me take notice.

I look at the trees and realize that the green leaves have been transformed into the most beautiful combination of colors. To complement those colors I line my walkway with pots of luscious Mums in orange, red, and yellow; of course a gorgeous golden Mum sits by my red front door.

mumsWith the change in the weather, however, I also realized that my skin was starting to feel a little dry.  For me, my skin starts to itch as soon as the summer ends.  I coat my body with pure oil every day after I shower.

That’s part of my morning routine; then I pop up a dose of Vaginal Renewal Complex.  Remember, as your outer body can start to feel dry, so can your inner body; aka, your vagina. Stay on the VRC program and be kind to your whole self.

My little secret: Use Inner Intimates wash to cleanse not only your personal area, but also your face.  Because it doesn’t have the same surfactants of soap, it’s mild and won’t dry out your skin.

I am also using a complex of special oils to moisturize my face (ladies keep your eyes open for more on this).  I’ll keep you posted.  After all; we are WOMEN HELPING WOMEN to always find a better solution to feeling and looking good.

Take a moment, breath deep and look around; IT’S AUTUM! Enjoy the miracle of mother nature

Author: Olga Cohen

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