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Author: Dr. Miriam Greene


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What’s so great about cucumbers……well:
1. Cucumbers come in all shapes and sizes.
2. They never lose their shape
3. And they’re cool and smooth

Why is this on a menopausal blog?
…Because, after menopause the vagina tightens and shortens, resulting in
painful intercourse.
So painful in fact, that the thought of intercourse can make a woman cringe.
I recently attended a sex conference in San Diego (this was a legitimate course folks). Nothing kinky.

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What is it with these Urinary Tract Infections?

I am ecstatic to welcome Dr. Miriam Greene once again as our guest blogger. You can listen to Dr. Greene’s show “Sexual Health and Wellbeing“, Mondays between 12-2pm on Sirius radio xm81. Take it away Dr. Greene:

Urinary Tract Infections

What is it with these urinary tract infections?

As patients grow older (more mature) they seem to complain more and more of symptoms as well as have urinary tract infections.

• Why is this so ?
• What is happening?
• And is this true?

Well unfortunately it is true. The closer women get to menopause, the more they seem to suffer with UTI’s. Lets explore what is happening.

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Menopause: The Great Equalizer

I am so thrilled to welcome Dr. Miriam Greene M.D. as a contributor to the Olga’s Secret blog. Dr. Greene has played a pivotal role in the development of Inner Intimates. The following insights were written by Dr. Greene after a very extensive consultation with a woman approaching menopause.

“While it’s true that menopause is the great equalizer, the side effects and potential issuesMother Daughter associated with it are not equal for everyone. I believe that menopause is good for some but for others not so. While some women have every side effect of menopause in the book, others have nothing. Nada.

And of course there is a range of menopause side effects. So while you are getting worked up about those pending symptoms, menopause can be freeing and energizing.

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