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Happy Father’s Day!

Even though we are Women Helping Women, let us not forget that our partners and/or husbands stand with us. I mostly speak with women about their issues, but every now and then I am lucky enough to speak with a man. Sometimes because their wives are uncomfortable to chat directly about this very personal subject.

For some reason, these men are not. I was taking an order from a husband the other day who had heard about Vaginal Renewal Complex on Doctor’s Radio. I found it interesting that he was listening to Dr. Greene’s Sexual Health and Gynecology. As I started asking him questions, he put his wife on the phone and assured her that she could now be comfortable enough to share her concerns with me. As she did, they both started talking about their sexual issues and were both excited about her trying Vaginal Renewal Complex.lovers-1259124_1920

I was out and about the other day doing something (can’t remember what, so what else is new!) I started chatting with a gentleman as we stood on line (somewhere, I can’t remember). I tend to be a good chatterer and as we talked and he asked me what I do (that’s always an eye opening conversation). He started talking about his wife who said to him that he couldn’t possibly know what she is going through as she enters menopause.

“What does she think that we men don’t experience male menopause?” was his 4bb44a7281bc6848fbcc7ca04230429ecomment. Men do go through their own type of “menopause,” but not vaginal dryness.

He took my card and said he was going to have his wife take a look at our website, which she did, and ordered our product. HE shared with me all the products, both prescription and over the counter, that she had tried to no avail. Sex for them had become painful and he was worried about her discomfort but also wanted to continue their intimate life, they were both in their ‘50’s.

Guess what? It worked and they were smiling again.

My little secret: I applaud all you guys out there who care enough for their partners to get involved and work as a team to help find a solution for this difficult issue. It has been 6 years since I started with my mission and am always so very moved when I get to hear stories from a male perspective.



Author: Olga Cohen

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