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Everyone’s Body is Different: Sex During and After Menopause

I was reading an article recently by blogger, Erica Jagger “The Truth about Sex after Menopause” (Sexy Woman of a Certain Age), and it intrigued me because I was one of those women who entered menopause at the age of 43. I spent years on hormone replacement and still needed extra lubrication when having intercourse.

We know that when our estrogen dissipates not only does our vagina loose its moisture and elasticity, but it can affect your libido. Sex can be really just too painful. But the truth is, as I speak with women all over the country, most women want to have sex, but it’s just too painful. When something hurts you want to keep clear of the cause and that means love-806375_1280“no sex!”

But everyone’s body is a little different. I have a dear friend who had been single for several years and had not had sex for a long time. Three years ago she met a man and she thought that sex would be hard for her, but it wasn’t: No pain and good moisture. But as I speak with women more and more, I realize that my friend’s experience is not the norm and most women need help (me included).

When I created Vaginal Renewal Complex, I did so for my own personal benefit, because I was one of those women who wanted to be sexually active but felt miserable using those over the counter remedies that just made me feel slimy, and had no real long lasting affect. Certainly it didn’t make me feel any sexier and it always put a damper on that special moment; We’re working hard enough on our libido and getting our head in the right place.

Graph showing frequencies of intercourse in women who are premenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal. (Image from Menopause Matters)

It helps to pop and extra dose of Vaginal Renewal Complex, in addition to your weekly regime, prior to having intercourse. It is very soothing for both partners and does not interrupt the moment. I have also found that using vaginal dilators to help stretch the vaginal wall is also extremely effective. They have them in different sizes; you would find the one best suited for you. Just coat the dilator with VRC and gently insert. Dr. Greene has used them prior to her exam as it makes it less painful. It works!!

My little secret: Whatever you need to do to make sex special, you should go for it. I have had so many women call and thank me for helping them relieve the pain of intercourse. “Sex is fun again”…as it should be!


Author: Olga Cohen

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