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don't grow upIn 2010, the Census Bureau reported that there were about 66 million women living between the ages of 40 and 74.  And, 22 million of these women actually live within the top 5 states in the United States.

Since this was reported 5 years ago, there have been a number of medical advancements, so people are living much longer lives.  My Mom is going to be 95 next week, and though I have reported to you in the past that she has dementia, she is a very healthy woman.

Who would have thought that as we grow older, so would our issues, medically and emotionally?  My daughter sent me this sign she came across, DON’T GROW UP; IT’S A TRAP!

I loved it and it inspired me to reflect on what it is like to be in the 66 million category of women.

When I was young, I thought that growing up would make my life better and leave me in more control. That’s true, but it comes with so many other challenges.  The major challenge was making a stable home for my children and financially securing our future.  Additionally, making my marriage a success (the second time around) was on the top of my list.  Taking on the responsibility of my aging parents was also quite an eye opening experience.

Is growing up a trap?  Maybe, but it’s part of life and I think it has made me a stronger person.

With all of these emotional situations that we live through, there’s also menopause (peri and post) to kick us in the butt. If there was a symptom to be had, I had it.  All of the products that I have created were made to make me feel better.  Vaginal Renewal Complex, to bring health and suppleness back to my vaginal area; Feminine Wash, to keep my skin and personal area clean and free from bacteria; and Intensive Facial Revitalizer Complex, to tighten and create a soft look to my face.

My little secret …. We can’t help growing up, but we can help how we take care of ourselves when we fall into “the grown-up trap.” Our desires are the same sexually and physically whether we are pre or post; we just have to help the process.  These three products have certainly added a new dimension to how I feel and look in the 66 million category.

Keep the conversation going:  We are WOMEN HELPING WOMEN TO FEEL GOOD AT ANY AGE.








Author: Olga Cohen

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