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About Olga

olga-204x300I’ve owned a cosmetic manufacturing plant for over 22 years so I’ve spent most of my life helping women like myself look good.  But when I hit menopause at 43, and experienced the discomfort of vaginal dryness that came with it, I realized I needed to do more to help us all feel good too.

Fortunately, through my experience developing and manufacturing beauty products I had extensive knowledge of special oils and other natural ingredients.  I have always used oil to moisturize my body, not moisturizing lotion. So it made sense to me that what works on the outside could work internally as well. With the help of Dr. Leo Galland, Vaginal Renewal Complex™ was born.
Of course, I was the first to test the product.  And when I went to see my gynecologist she was shocked!  She said she didn’t recognize my vagina – it looked ten years younger!  Now the Vaginal Renewal Complex™  has been perfected, tested and is ready for you.  And I am so glad to let you in on my little secret.

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