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Month: April 2014

My Vagina Feels Like The Mojave Desert


In a recent article posted in Menopause News, March 31, 2014, LET’S GET CLOSER: DEMYSTIFYING SANDPAPER SEX,  BY Dr. Lauren Streicher MD, it talks about a study published, in February, in the Journal Menopause, where over 4,000 women and their male partners talked about the impact of vaginal dryness and painful sex.  The study surveyed women between the ages of 55-65 years.

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April is Sjögren’s Syndrome Awareness Month

sjogrens syndrome foundationAwareness comes in many packages and this month I’d like to help spread awareness of Sjögren’s Syndrome. There are so many courageous women that I know currently living with this slowly progressive autoimmune disorder that most commonly affects the natural production of tears, saliva and for women, vaginal lubrication.

Throughout the entire month of April, the Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation will be sharing 30 tips for living with Sjögren’s on social media. Follow their Facebook and Twitter pages to see a new tip each day.

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