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Month: March 2014

Women’s History Month From The Inside Out

“Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.” ~Golda Meir

Womens History MonthI was pondering as to who I should pick as a woman that I would want to emulate or speak about this month; Women’s History Month. Then I realized that every woman has a story to tell. I have met so many remarkable women, not only working in this new category of Women’s health, but in my past, personal, and business life that I believe has made a difference.

As I speak with women all over the country, they have their own stories to share with me. That’s when I realized that I too have a story to share; that I believe made me the strong and creative person I am today.

I grew up in the 1960’s; in the midst of the social revolution. Burn the bra, equality for women, Helen Gurly Brown. I got married when I was 18, right out of high school. I was a stay at home Mom until my youngest was about 4 years old when I went back to work. My last job, working for a cosmetic manufacturing company, was the job that changed my life forever.

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Vaginal Discharge :: Oye It’s Back??

Do you remember when we were young and supple, how we hated that vaginal discharge; before our periods or after having intercourse, or sometimes it just felt like it was always there and would feel sticky and uncomfortable. I would pop a tampon up or use a panty liner so my underwear didn’t get discolored.

Why do we get vaginal discharge?

discharge-tipIt is normal for women to have some vaginal discharge. Our vaginas are a self-cleaning organ. When we are young our vagina produces mucus and other secretions that need to be dispensed. This secretion needs to go somewhere, so it is expelled through the vagina.

Normal vaginal discharge is clear or whitish, but can turn yellow on drying. However, if you notice yellow “smelly” discharge, then it could be a sign of infection/inflammation, so seek medical help.

Our Wonderful Self-Cleaning Organ

ph-balanceThe pH balance of the vagina is acidic which helps stop infections from occurring. But the pH balance also fluctuates during ones menstrual cycle, so infection can be more common during that period of time. Sexual arousal, intercourse, menstrual cycle (time of ovulation, midway through your cycle), and pregnancy can increase ones discharge.

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