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Month: February 2014

Women Helping Women :: A Menopause Case Study

You might remember, a few months ago Grohen Technologies sponsored a gift pack give away.  We asked all of you to write in with a little something about yourselves and your menopause story.

Although the winner, Shawn McKean, was completely picked at random, her story turned out to be quite inspiring. At the young age of 37, Shawn had already battled her share gynecological challenges and had been catapulted into full menopause.  She was so open in sharing her story and so gracious in accepting her box full of goodies.

“This is so amazing, I’ve never won anything in my life, and now I actually won something that I needed so badly!!! This is the best thing that ever happened to me. Olga, I can not thank u enough!!” ~Shawn Mckean Whitehead

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It’s hard to imagine growing old.
My Mom is 92 years old.  She has dementia and seems to forget how old she is.  What makes it even harder is that my Dad passed away a few weeks ago on Christmas day.

He was two months shy of 99 years old.  But when she asked me why Dad died, I had to tell her that he was very old and his body just stopped working.  “How old was he”, she would ask.  When I told her she was horrified, “I thought he was 86” she would say.  “Then how old am I?  I thought I was in my 70’s”.  No Mom, you’re 92!!

dancing woman

After the funeral, I returned her to the assisted living, where they lived together for some time.  She looked at all the elderly residents many in wheel chairs and said, I don’t belong here, I just want to put on my roller skate and go skating.”  Mom roller skated until she was 82 and played tennis up until her 85 year.

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Slowing Down this Valentine’s Day? We Are Just Getting Started! | By Wendy Collett

Wendy Collett writes: For me, someone who found love relatively later in life, this Valentine’s Day is a celebration of where I have been as a person and as part of a couple, the changes both of us have undergone over the last 14 years since we met and a look at what the future may hold.

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