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Month: September 2013

The Dr. Oz Show | Menopause Awareness Month

Many women can start to feel different in their late 30’s and 40’s, as they enter “peri”- menopause. Our bodies are starting to change. This progression can possibly last up to 10 years before one goes into full menopause. For me it was instantaneous. One day I had a period and the next month, it was gone. I was bombarded with all the difficult symptoms of menopause.

The Dr. Oz Show
This week I appeared on an episode, being taped, on The Dr. Oz show about Menopause. Bringing awareness to women about this period of time when our bodies are changing. As usual, the topic was “hot flashes” and “mood swings.” We were asked to share our funniest hot flash story. Out of the many women who were asked to be on the show, only 3 of them got to share their story (mine was not amongst the ones chosen); so I decided I would share it with you: I think it’s pretty funny.

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Moments Like This Make My Vision A Reality

Painful SexThis past week I received a call from this client who has been on our program for a couple of months. We had spoken several times about her condition and her frustration that she just could not have sexual relations with her husband due to extremely painful intercourse.  When the phone rang and I heard her voice, I could tell she had a smile from ear to ear.  She said…”You won’t believe this, but…”  After hearing what she had to say, I asked her to share her story:

It is moments such as this that make my mission to bring RELIEF to every woman suffering from VAGINAL DRYNESS a reality.

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