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Month: June 2013

My Name Tag Should Have Read “The Vagina Lady”

50th ReunionIt’s a milestone when one celebrates their 50th High School Re-union.

OK, I admit it; I just went to my re-union a couple of weeks ago!!  Does that make me ancient?

I was nervous; I wanted to make sure I looked my best.  I did double exercise, I sprayed tanned and had my hair done to perfection.

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The Ultimate ‘Olga’sm: New Introductory VRC Package


After numerous phone conversations, I began to notice the same sentiment being shared with me over and over again. “If I could just get my girlfriend to try Vaginal Renewal Complex also, I know she would feel so much better.” Being all too familiar with the hoplessness that ongoing vaginal dryness can cause, I realized that a new user may not want to commit to an entire month’s supply initially. So we created a new introductory 10-Pack for only $59.99. When used as directed, they will begin to feel renewed and restored within two weeks (if used 5 times a week).

Turn Dry into Divine

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