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Month: March 2013

Do I Want To have Sex ? My Mind Says Yes, But My Libido Says No

You are the ham to my sandwichI talk vaginas all week long with so many women…and men too.  Sometimes I am even lucky enough to get both partners on the phone.  Most of the women I speak with really want to feel their “mo-Jo” again but because of their extreme dryness they say it is too painful, which just adds to their lack of libido.

When I entered menopause, and my period stopped, I was thrilled; no more painful crampy bleeding every month.  However, no one told me that I would dry up and my sex drive would diminish.

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Olga’s Secret to Restoring Vaginal Elasticity after Radiation

Question: Dear Olga, My husband heard about your product on the radio, I am 58 yearsQuestion from cancer survivor old and a cancer survivor. Since my radiation 5 years ago, I have suffered chronic vaginal dryness, making intercourse way too painful. My Dr. wants me to try Entrace but I’m worried about the hormones. My husband recommended that I ask your opinion first.  Do you think it will help me? Everytime I do use something, Replens etc., it burns so I’m a little worried about your product. Please advise. Thank you!

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The Life and Spirit of Ayaan Hirsi Ali | Women’s History Month

March is “National Women’s History Month”.  There are so many women in our lifetime that come to mind when I reflect on this most important subject.

Ayaan-Hirsi-AliSeveral years ago I was watching CNN and I was intrigued by a woman who had just published a book about her struggle to survive a life that you would think could only be a movie.  The book was titled Infidel; its author, Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was born into a Majerteen family in Mogadishu Somalia.  They were a well-established family as her father was a leading figure in the Somali Revolution.

As a small child of 5 years, she was forced, by her Grandmother, to have a female circumcision or better known as female genital mutilation. In 1992 her father arranged a marriage to a distant cousin in Canada. Refusing to submit herself to a stranger, and relinquish all rights as a woman, she escaped that marriage and went to the Netherlands seeking asylum with the help of a relative living there.

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