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Month: December 2012

Your Health Is Important To Me

Women Helping Women
Women Helping WomenI understand that when it comes to our health we want to feel 100% comfortable about the products that we use and their effects.  Natural products can work differently for different women.  When I started this fight against vaginal dryness, it was out of an earnest need to find a natural relief for my own. Thanks to my cosmetics background and relentless research, I was able to pool my resources and create Vaginal Renewal Complex. And it truly changed my life. My vagina was transformed from being dry and painful, to healthy and moist.

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See Jane Exercise and Vaginal Dryness Disappear

“In a country and culture that seems to fear aging, Jane embraces her life.” ~Oprah Jane Fonda is one of my favorite actresses.  Can you believe she is 75 years old and looks as great as she does?

Fitness queen Jane Fonda demonstrates two simple exercises.
Fitness queen Jane Fonda demonstrates two simple exercises for seniors, baby boomers and people who have never worked out before, using nothing more than a chair.
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My Father and his Timeless advice

When I read Ms. Brody’s article Life’s Graying Edge, about appreciating life as we age, I once again thought about Mom and Dad.

Germany 1940sI tell my father all the time that he gave me the greatest gift a person could give: he lived long enough for me to see how magnificent he truly is.  My dad was a disciplinarian when I was growing up.  He came from a strong German family, where children were seen and not heard.

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Menopause, Mother Nature and Holiday Madness

Holiday Madness and Self-Care
de-stress during the holidaysWell we made it through Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Like so many women that I talk to, I find remembering “me” during the holiday season to be the most challenging.  This year was no different.

While prepping and preparing my holiday meal and entertaining guests, I forgot to use my Vaginal Renewal Complex for almost a week. But sure enough my body reminded me!

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