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Month: November 2012

Menopause Madness: The Weight Gain

I am so thrilled to once again welcome Dr. Miriam Greene M.D. as a contributor to the Olga’s Secret blog. Dr. Greene has played a pivotal role in the development of Inner Intimates and she is truly dedicated to helping women feel empowered during this change called menopause.

Menopause Madness: The Weight Gain
By Dr. Greene 

Menopause Weight GainWeight gain seems to take up much of my time in the office. Many of my ladies simply complain of weight gain after menopause. I actually was asked to give a patient a prescription for Adderall in order for her to lose weight.  Adderall is an ADD drug not a weight lose drug. But she had heard that it helps you lose weight.  For the record, it does not.

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Behind The Scenes: How We Process Vaginal Renewal Complex

This week I received some wonderful questions from our VRC community and I thought this information could be useful to all our readers.

Question: “I am familiar with all the ingredients in Vaginal Renewal Complex but I am wondering what makes them work so well together?” ~Jackie from Long Island, NY 

Olga: Our distinctive combination of Gamma-Linolemic Acid (GLA), Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Research of VRCNonsaponifiable fatty acid, are the finest in terms of ingredient selection and quality, as well as manufacturing standards.

Our oils are of the highest grade available and we choose to use only natural ingredients, which are subject to market conditions. The benefit of our extensive research and personal dedication is the synergistic action that occurs in the vaginal lining cells. Rather then just coating as most do, VRC is absorbed by the cells of the vagina, preventing and reversing dryness and discomfort.

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Over the last year I have written quite a few blogs about my Mom.  She was a great example for me when I was growing up.  Mom and Dad now live in an assisted living home and they still maintain their true love for each other every day. Dad still has a sharp mind at 97, but my Mom has dementia.  It’s so sad to see this once self-confident woman become completely dependent on us to help her with the simplest of things. I always say:

“Dad is her mind and Mom is his strength.”

My Mother My Friend, Mother and Daughter
I was talking about them to my daughter and said, I can’t imagine how I would feel if I became Grandma.  That’s the worst of it, is that she is aware that her mind is not the same.

A few days after our conversation, Melissa (my daughter) sent me this beautiful letter that she had come across on Facebook.  I think it is worth sharing:

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