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Olga CohenHi, I’m Olga Cohen

I’ve owned a cosmetic manufacturing plant for over 22 years so I’ve spent most of my life helping women like myself look good.  But when I hit menopause at 43, and experienced the discomfort of vaginal dryness that came with it, I realized I needed to do more to help us all feel good too.

Fortunately, through my experience developing and manufacturing beauty products I had extensive knowledge of special natural oils and other natural ingredients.  I have always used natural oils to moisturize my body, not moisturizing lotion. So it made sense to me that what works on the outside could work internally as well.

With the help of Dr. Leo Galland, we’ve blended 4 different natural oils to help fight vaginal dryness, and that’s how Vaginal Renewal Complex® was born.

Of course, I was the first to test the Vaginal Renewal Complex®.  And when I went to see my gynecologist she was shocked!  She said she didn’t recognize my vagina – it looked ten years younger!  Now the Vaginal Renewal Complex® has been perfected, tested and is ready for you.  And I am so glad to let you in on my little secret.

In addition to great tips on fighting the side effects of menopause, stay tuned here at Olga’s Blog for more advice and lively conversations about looking and feeling great no matter your age or reason for needing vaginal renewal.


You Ask, and We Listen…and Listen, and Listen

Two years ago we introduced INTENSIVE FACIAL REVITALIZER COMPLEX. The response was wonderful and IFRC became a standalone item in our product line.

But, we always look to improve our ingredients when we can. Our technical team has now been working on introducing an eighth ingredient to our very natural and fine group…Argan Oil.

Argan oil, which is best known for is healing attributes, was referred to as “the tree of life” oil. It is produced from the fruit of the argan tree, mostly found in Morocco.


Argan oil is produced by the fruit of the argan tree.

Argan oil contains high levels of Vitamin E, Omega 3, 6, and 9 which all affects the health of one’s body. It nourishes and revitalizes the texture of the skin to help reduce wrinkles. It is also known to help with scars, and, very important, it helps prevent stretch marks during pregnancy (I wish I had known about this remarkable oil when I was pregnant, because I have stretch marks from my first pregnancy). It also strengthens nails and when applied to the hair, it helps with women’s hair loss by strengthening the roots.


The Argan tree is native to Morocco

Not only is it known as a very fine cosmetic ingredient, the medical attributes are also extensive. It’s got a nutty flavor, it’s natural, and there are many chefs use it by seasoning their meals with argan oil.

We know that IFRC is a wonderful oil and we’re not changing it– we’re just giving it a little face lift. That’s why I thought I would share with you some of the comments I have received from customers who use IFRC:

**DC wrote: “Use this every night before bed. Works wonders! I started receiving compliments.”

**SM (RN) wrote: “This is a wonderful product. I tell all my patients about it. It helped calm my rosacea too!”

**WC wrote: “I have been having the worst time this allergy season with runny and puffy eyes. It occurred to me that Intensive Facial Revitalizer Complex may be just the fix and it is. No more puffy eyes. This product is the best on the market. None other comes close.”

However, even with all the kind words, we still felt it could be better. I can’t wait to hear what they’ll say after using our updated oil. I have been testing our NEW oil and if you think that Intensive Facial Revitalizer Complex is good, wait until you try our newest addition.

We even had to give it a new name: ANTI AGING SYRUM (with 5% Argan oil)

My little secret: I’m going to fight the aging process as best I can, and Grohen is about looking and feeling really good–and most of all enjoying life!


Happy Summer!

It’s been some time since I have sat down to write a blog. It’s been such a hectic summer. I can hardly believe it is August and the summer is almost over.

a little bit swirlyThe kids are going back to school. I have had one granddaughter graduate from Stony Brook University and another grandson who graduated high school and is off to University of Colorado at the end of this month. Time is just flying by.

But in line with so many other personal things going on in my life, I have had the opportunity of meeting some new women along the way. We have had some really good conversations about their issues and how they feel when they go on our Vaginal Renewal Complex regimen. Some have even been so kind as to recommend their doctors to me and that has proven to be quite successful.

I spoke with a woman recently whose doctor recommended three over-the-counter products (ours was one of them). She is a naturalist and was quite surprised that all but VRC contained artificial preservatives, water and an array of other ingredients that she did not want to insert into her vagina.

But, her problems were many and we talked about her symptoms. I am hopeful that with the help of Vaginal Renewal Complex at least some of her debilitating condition is alleviated. So far so good! I like to keep in touch so I can hear about her progress.

Another woman I spoke with recently has–as so many of you–had real difficulty having sexual intercourse with her husband. Once again I suggested that she use Vaginal Renewal Complex every day for a couple of weeks and then reduce it to five times weekly. Success! She was smiling again as was her husband, who thanked me for taking the time to speak with both of them.

couple-955930_1280Our list of women keeps growing and that gives me such satisfaction in knowing that I have helped someone just like me.

I was also fortunate to have been on the Lou Paget Show “Sex talk with Lou” on July 11th. It was an hour of honest conversation about sexual behavior and how I came to develop Vaginal Renewal Complex. Lou has been an advocate of our product and has helped me get the word out there. You should check her out as well as my interview. Lou has quite a resume of success as a certified sex educator, author, and radio host.

I don’t know about you, but as I get older, not only do I find that I need help with vaginal dryness, but my body also gets flakey and dry as well as my lips. I keep moisturizing sticks all around the house. Though it makes me feel better, it doesn’t last or change the texture of my dry lips, so we have decided to start working on a moisture stick that actually will make ones lips feel moist and help heal that chapped feeling; I’ll keep you posted!

My little secret: We are always creating new and innovative products to make our bodies feel better, with natural ingredients that are healthy and truly do something special for all of us.


Happy Father’s Day!

Even though we are Women Helping Women, let us not forget that our partners and/or husbands stand with us. I mostly speak with women about their issues, but every now and then I am lucky enough to speak with a man. Sometimes because their wives are uncomfortable to chat directly about this very personal subject.

For some reason, these men are not. I was taking an order from a husband the other day who had heard about Vaginal Renewal Complex on Doctor’s Radio. I found it interesting that he was listening to Dr. Greene’s Sexual Health and Gynecology. As I started asking him questions, he put his wife on the phone and assured her that she could now be comfortable enough to share her concerns with me. As she did, they both started talking about their sexual issues and were both excited about her trying Vaginal Renewal Complex.lovers-1259124_1920

I was out and about the other day doing something (can’t remember what, so what else is new!) I started chatting with a gentleman as we stood on line (somewhere, I can’t remember). I tend to be a good chatterer and as we talked and he asked me what I do (that’s always an eye opening conversation). He started talking about his wife who said to him that he couldn’t possibly know what she is going through as she enters menopause.

“What does she think that we men don’t experience male menopause?” was his 4bb44a7281bc6848fbcc7ca04230429ecomment. Men do go through their own type of “menopause,” but not vaginal dryness.

He took my card and said he was going to have his wife take a look at our website, which she did, and ordered our product. HE shared with me all the products, both prescription and over the counter, that she had tried to no avail. Sex for them had become painful and he was worried about her discomfort but also wanted to continue their intimate life, they were both in their ‘50’s.

Guess what? It worked and they were smiling again.

My little secret: I applaud all you guys out there who care enough for their partners to get involved and work as a team to help find a solution for this difficult issue. It has been 6 years since I started with my mission and am always so very moved when I get to hear stories from a male perspective.



Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day once again. I have three amazing children. I have spent my life trying to make their lives better along with my own. It wasn’t always easy. I went from being a stay-at-home mom to figuring out how I was going to support myself and my kids. I could not have done it alone.

With the support and love of my parents, I was able to succeed. My mother was always there for me. She knew everything about what was going on in my life and always supported me. When I needed a hug, she was there, when I needed advice, she was there, when I needed help with anything, including taking care of my children, she was there.

When I inherited two terrific step-children, my mom treated them as their own. We were a completely integrated family. I learned from the most amazing mom and I hope I have given the same life lessons to my children.

my mother, my two daughters, and myself

my mother, my two daughters, and myself

Grandma OG
Grammy. (Yup, thats me!)

Nanny (That’s what the children call my mom)

**Wishing all the Mothers, Grandmothers, and Great-Grandmothers a happy and meaningful Mother’s Day.**


Dress for Success

I love my work, but sometimes, I think it is important to challenge my mind and do something a little different. I have always been interested in acting and have done some local work in the past. My friend JoAnn is the founder of the Northport One Act Play Festival. Being in the theater has always been on her bucket list. She actually was one of my guest bloggers a couple of years ago and wrote about it.

The festival hosts about 12 one-act plays that are submitted by local playwrights. When JoAnn presented me with an opportunity to play a mother of a young girl, coming into her prime, from Egypt, it sounded very challenging.


Here I am, waiting to shine some shoes as Sisa

This play is based on a real character. SISA, my character, spent many years disguised as a man to get work by shining men’s shoes on the street to support her daughter HODA. It was a stimulating role and the synergy between my fellow actors was quite amazing.

I was happy when a few of my grand-kids came to see me on stage. I wanted them to know that there is nothing that one cannot accomplish if one puts their mind to it and has a passion for it. These are all life lessons. It takes determination and commitment.

My experience in business it has always been a bit challenging. When I decided to build my own manufacturing company, it was in the mid ‘80’s, and there were not a lot of women who owned their own manufacturing facilities. I was in my 30’s and wanted to be independent and control my future.


It is revealed that Sisa is actually a woman!

There were women who worked with their husbands or inherited businesses from husbands. Many of my appointments back in the day were with men who would challenge my expertise, as a manufacturer, because I was a woman.

Once I was asked: “What do you know about manufacturing, you’re a woman”.

As the 80’s progressed so did the onset of women in our industry, many became huge successes. I am proud to say I know quite a few. I love being a woman and sharing my stories with you.

My little secret: We are WOMEN HELPING WOMEN, as SISA did to secure a future for her daughter HODA. Never be afraid to pursue your dreams. I am one of the lucky ones and a partner who appreciates my desires and helps me create them.


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