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Olga CohenHi, I’m Olga Cohen

I’ve owned a cosmetic manufacturing plant for over 22 years so I’ve spent most of my life helping women like myself look good.  But when I hit menopause at 43, and experienced the discomfort of vaginal dryness that came with it, I realized I needed to do more to help us all feel good too.

Fortunately, through my experience developing and manufacturing beauty products I had extensive knowledge of special natural oils and other natural ingredients.  I have always used natural oils to moisturize my body, not moisturizing lotion. So it made sense to me that what works on the outside could work internally as well.

With the help of Dr. Leo Galland, we’ve blended 4 different natural oils to help fight vaginal dryness, and that’s how Vaginal Renewal Complex® was born.

Of course, I was the first to test the Vaginal Renewal Complex®.  And when I went to see my gynecologist she was shocked!  She said she didn’t recognize my vagina – it looked ten years younger!  Now the Vaginal Renewal Complex® has been perfected, tested and is ready for you.  And I am so glad to let you in on my little secret.

In addition to great tips on fighting the side effects of menopause, stay tuned here at Olga’s Blog for more advice and lively conversations about looking and feeling great no matter your age or reason for needing vaginal renewal.


It’s Finally Here: Anti-Aging Serum

A couple of months ago I mentioned that we were working on a new formula for our facial oil. Well, ladies, it’s here!! It’s fabulous! I have been testing this wonderful new and IMPROVED serum and even though IFRC did a really great job on my skin, I like this even better.

As you know, in our quest to continuously improve our product line, Grohen Technologies is introducing Anti-Aging Serum.

Anti-Aging Serum replaces Intensive Facial Revitalizer Complex with an update of the latest natural oils and vitamins to restore and renew depleted facial nutrients. Your facial skin returns to its natural self as fine lines and facial imperfections disappear. Your complexion comes alive in as little as 30 days as these key supplements are quickly absorbed and nourish your facial skin.

By adding Argan Oil to the other ingredients; Evening Primrose oil, Cucumber oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D3, does not change the efficacy of the formula, but enhances to effectiveness. Anti-Aging Serum contains NO parabens, NO Emulsifiers, NO glycerin, NO propylene glycol, and NO mineral oil, that tend to clog the pores.

Argan oil, which has become so popular in last few years, is a wonderful natural moisturizer coming from the Argan tree, mostly found in Morocco. Its thin fluid viscosity speeds up the absorption into the pores to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and restores the elasticity of the skin.

We are Women Helping Women, because every part of our body is important, internally and externally. Our unique products keep us young and healthy at any age.

Vaginal Renewal ComplexFeminine Wash…and now Anti-Aging Serum, better than ever.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It has always been Grohen’s position to give back. Over the last several months, we have made donations to Lung Cancer as well as “STAND UP 2 CANCER,” where 100% of all donations are used for cancer research.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This year we will be donating a portion of our happy-october-1October sales to Cancer Care. Whether you are on our auto ship program or you just choose to order any one of our products, your sale will help with research in the hopes of finding a cure for breast cancer.

I am always reminded of the time when I was a small child and my Mother’s friend came to visit. I couldn’t take my eyes off one of her arms. It was twice the size of the other and looked very scary. She had breast cancer.

A few months later she passed away. That was over 60 years ago. We have made such wonderful progress, thanks to the many dedicated men and women who have been studying and researching cures for this deadly disease. Across the country, especially this month, there are fund raisers to help with the research and support groups for those who need to talk about their issues.

It is suggested that 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. However, breast cancer incidence rate started to decrease around 2000. It is believed that due to aggressive research studies (Women’s Health Initiative) which was published in 2002, showing that the use of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), in fact, increased the risk of breast cancer in women.

Make sure you get checked routinely for Breast Cancer--It can save your life.

Make sure you get checked routinely for Breast Cancer–It can save your life.

That’s the reason I chose to go off of all hormones after spending 10 years on HRT.

If we can make a little difference in helping women feel better, physically, sexually and mentally during this difficult time, then we are accomplishing our mission. I am fortunate to be working with two dedicated doctors, Dr. Miriam Greene and Dr. Leo Galland, who share the same vision.

We are Women Helping Women to keep the conversation going. Live life to the fullest, and don’t forget to get a yearly mammogram and see your gynecologist every year.

…and for those of you who are going through chemotherapy, radiation, or any other treatments that might cause your body to feel dry and uncomfortable: know that there is a natural solution: That’s the secret of Vaginal Renewal Complex.

GUEST BLOG: Marry (verb)

It is with sincere respect and admiration that I bring you October’s guest blogger, Eva Kane. She has chosen to share her story with us, about her struggle with her marriage and her choice to seek an answer. I hope that you gain insight from her story.

Marry (verb)

By Eva Kane

Marry verb

  1. To join or be joined in marriage: espouse, mate, wed.
    Slang: hitch.

Idiom: tie the knot

      2. To bring or come together into a united whole: coalesce, combine, compound, concrete, conjoin, conjugate, connect, consolidate, couple, join, link, meld, unify, unite, wed, yoke.

When you marry, you are saying I do to many things.  If you marry someone with a troubled past or childhood trauma, that trauma will most likely one day become your trauma.

We met with a priest a few times before we married in a ritual known as Pre-Cana, where you and your intended take separate tests with such helpful multiple choice questions as:

What is your idea of the perfect vacation?

How many children do you want?

Will you attend church every week?

What do you want the other one to do, should you have an untimely death?

Your answers are compared and discussed, should there be any glaring contradictions. There are no questions about past trauma, no delving into anything too awkward, yucky or personal.


Perhaps there could be a one on one interview with a trauma specialist before a couple even gets married.  I think that would save many marriages.

Before I met my husband, I had completed Werner Ehrhardt’s The Forum (a weekend long seminar in creating possibility in your life), The Six-Day (a brutally challenging continuation of The Forum, replete with a Zip-Line across a mountain and repelling down yet another mountain).  I then continued various workshops.  I love things that help me function as a person – finding it extremely challenging to navigate a world where everyone has so much emotional baggage.  Some days, it feels like I’m shuffling through a fly-infested, malodorous, garbage dump.  I’ll try anything that gives me a leg up!

One night, before we were married, possibly after we completed Pre-Cana, we were hanging out in the caboose of our railroad apartment, aka the bedroom, talking. I had just come back from a Werner Erhardt Sex Seminar.  Since my soon to be husband didn’t know any of the people in the seminar, I entertained him with some of the more memorable stories.  There was one so profoundly shocking, I wish I never heard it, so I chose not to burden you with the disturbing image!

The point being, we’ve all done things we are not proud of, and airing them in a room with others makes you feel less strange, or maybe not in that one guy’s case, but nonetheless the exercise proves to primarily cleansing and liberating.

It was then my husband shared something shocking about his introduction to sex.  It is indeed awkward, yucky and personal so I am sparing everyone the details.  Although I was the one who attended the sex seminar, I got the feeling he had just reaped some of the liberating benefits.

couple-802058_1920I’ve been practicing, and I mean practicing, Kundalini Yoga, replete with meditation, about 3-4, sometimes 5 times a week for almost a year.  Kundalini is the energy stored at the base of your spine and the exercises release and move energy stored in your chakras.  I feel a lot smarter with ample space now in my emotional brain for some pretty fascinating thinking!

Normally I poke fun at myself with such self-deprecating phrases as:

“My elevator stops at the 11th floor of a 12-story” building Or “I’m not the sharpest tool in the drawer”

You’re thinking “no, It’s the sharpest tool in the shed or sharpest knife in the drawer” – but I meant to jumble it for extra emphasis!  Even when something was thrown in my face, I didn’t realize its significance.

When the red flag came up about my husband’s childhood trauma, I virtually did nothing, save, let him talk about it, which indeed brought us closer together.  I vividly remember the conversation and getting the feeling he didn’t tell many people.  I shared some of my secrets too.  I wasn’t exactly an angel growing up and had my share of inappropriate fondling as a child.  We bonded over our perverse introductions to sex. That’s where it was left. Until 20 years later.

His younger sister passed a few years ago, and again, without getting too personal here, it was a web of abuse, trauma, and family secrets gone amok.  It was too much for him to bear, the wheels came off and he spiraled out of control.

After the whole thing played out, I decided to stay married to this broken man.  He was still my husband and my son’s father.  This man had chosen me, and what if that night, the night he told me the secret, was the moment he realized that I was the one – the one who could handle him and everything that came with him?  Even if he wanted to vacation at a mountain ski lodge and I wanted the sunny seaside, I was still the one.

I DO, are the words we declare at the alter: We DO WHAT?

What is it we are saying WE WILL DO?

Through sickness and in health, for better or for worse.

This was sickness and worse in all its glory.

SICKNESS, as in emotional breakdown – deeply imbedded, overwhelming, inconceivable heartbreak, with a splash of shame, all in one single human being.

Unable to connect to me, or a group of like grievers, or fund raising cause, who was left to connect with in his life?  He reverted to something he was all too familiar with – secrets, shame and, well, WORSE!

Sometimes the fractures in two souls

are the very hinges that hold them together”,

–Lisa Kleypas from Devil in Winter.

We attended a Bonnie Raitt concert a few days ago and she performed a brand new song.  The lyric was something like “here I am, all alone with something to say”.

I’m thinking “why is she all alone with something to say”?  I don’t mean to one-up Bonnie Raitt, but here I am, together, with something to say.

Most women would say, “Get rid of him”, but isn’t he, in a lot of cases, your child’s father? Nobody bothers to dig deep enough inside to help him figure things out?  “I tried everything” is what I often hear women say.  So you let this man loose?  You dump him at his worse?  The father of your children?  Oh, I get it!  It’s all his fault?  It probably isn’t YOUR fault.  I mean that!!  I’m not getting sassy with you.  Whose fault could it be?  That’s where there is work involved – investigating – cracking things open – yucky, painful secrets – things too horrible to bear alone – I’m just saying it could be some of those things.


I was one of those women, who tried “EVERYTHING”, but my husband had and still has, walls – his walls are at least 12 stories high.  But lucky for him, through the openings I’ve had in yoga, and maybe through all the love in my heart I have always had, my 12 story building I was telling you about – remember the one whose elevator stopped at the 11th floor?

That building has been renovated to stand 20 stories high with an elevator that goes all the way up to the roof.

He is breadwinner in this family.  But I am the emotional millionaire!  I give him the emotional support he’s never had in his life.  No one ever had his back; my advantage?  I knew his secret.  How about the woman married to the man who has never told anyone his yucky, personal, shameful secret?  She has no idea and just thinks her husband is a big jerk or a sleaze.

Occasionally I feel he is socially and emotionally “slow”.  The bad news is that, as the recipient of someone’s fly-infested, malodorous garbage dump, you sometimes step on a piece of glass.  It can cut deeply to the core – yet it is at that exact moment you should ask yourself – what pain is he covering up?  Is he crying out again?  Help me out of this?  Are we back in our tiny railroad apartment in the west village of Manhattan, sitting on the bed, sharing?  Can I turn this into another bonding moment?  Am I the one responsible for fixing this opportunity?  Isn’t this what BETTER means?

Maybe “fixing” is beyond your capabilities, and he’ll probably just reply “I don’t want to talk about it”, which by the way is the name of a very helpful book I am reading by Terence Real.

What about trying on some old fashioned compassion, and take a few deep breaths.  I find Meditation and Kundalini Yoga, help me achieve the HEALTH, and find the BETTER.

As a child I could never get enough love and I have MARRIED someone who needs so much, but doesn’t know how to ask for it without acting in a petulant, hurtful or childish manner.  Perhaps it’s the only way he knows how to ask.  It can be very painful and tiresome. Luckily I am learning to hold my nose and calmly step around the glass.  Sometimes I can even carry my dust pan and collect the bits of glass so they can be properly disposed.
Thanks for giving this a read.  I hope it empowers you in your life.  If you’d like more information please LIKE my FACEBOOK page: www.facebook.com/divorceblocker follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/divorceblocker and visit my website: www.divorceblocker.com


Take Care of Your Body Inside and Out!

When I was growing up, my mother taught me how to take care of my body. I would see her moisturizing her entire body every day, including her face. But, the one thing that she never warned me about was the possibility of getting stretch marks when I was pregnant. She had two children and never had a mark on her. I, on the other hand, developed horrible stretch marks with my first pregnancy.

I was very young and just assumed that they would go away after the baby was born. I was very wrong. They have been part of my body more than half my life. It was embarrassing for a young girl, as I was 19 when my first child was born.

stretch-marks-397x300When my girls were pregnant, I filled up a bottle of the best essential oils I could gather and told them to coat their stomachs with oil to give the elasticity to that area. Upper thighs were also important. Guess what, it worked! My oldest daughter did not have a mark on her body. Even my youngest daughter, who was pregnant with twins, rubbed oil over her stomach and thighs twice a day, delivered her baby boys naturally, and does not have a mark on her.

It works the same way internally. Our vaginas need to be lubricated in order to allow our skin to have the same elasticity and suppleness. Shea oil is a wonderful moisturizer, as is evening primrose oil which contains GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid). Vaginal Renewal Complex does just that.

There are many causes of vaginal dryness; menopause, surgeries, cancer, chemo therapy and radiation, autoimmune disorders, even childbirth can cause vaginal dryness.

It’s hard enough watching our bodies change when we are pregnant, but we know we will recover and with exercise and diet and the right moisturizer we will return to normal.


Whether you are menopausal (peri or post) or have just given birth, or struggling with other conditions that make your body dry, don’t forget to moisturize INSIDE AND OUT.

We are always looking for a better solution to help with our bodies. So, we are giving our Intensive Facial Reviatizer Complex a little face lift and are now adding ARGON OIL to our mix of wonderful ingredients and re-naming it Anti-Aging Serum.

Give yourself a gift and listen to my little secret: keep yourself moisturized inside and out.


Menopause Awareness Month 2016

I had a play-date with one of my Grandkids last week, along with her friend. We were going to an arcade to have lunch and play some games. Before we left, she went to the bathroom; I heard her call “Grammy, can you please come here! I got my period and it’s all over my underwear!”

Not to worry, with 9 grandkids, of which 4 are girls, I am always prepared with the necessities when one of them gets their period. Out came the sanitary pads, new underwear and we were good to go.

But, she is young to have a period; she’s only 10 years old and has had it for about 6 months. When she first started menstruating, she didn’t want to tell her friends because none of them had gotten their periods as yet and she was embarrassed.

But this friend just knew what was up.

She said she hadn’t “gotten hers” as yet, but her mother had given her books to read and had several discussions with her as to why a girl gets a period. I was astounded at how this little girl knew about ovaries, ovulation and menstruation. She explained to my Granddaughter details that I had not even thought to tell her “why girls get their periods.”

With a little discomfort and cramps, the three of us climbed in my car and off we went to play games and there they were, just little girls again.


I remember my first period. I was 12 years old and alone in my house. I called my mom who was visiting with my relatives. She immediately told my Grandmother, my Uncle, and of course my dad that I had now become a woman! I struggled with awful monthly periods. Sometimes I would have to stay in bed for a whole day because the cramps were so intolerable.

PMS was middle name. I would bleed for at least a week, but I was always regular at 28 days. Even after three pregnancies, the painful cramps didn’t subside, and to make matters worse, I developed endometriosis, which was like someone stabbing me in the ovaries every month.

So, when I went into early menopause I wasn’t a bit upset. How great, that at 43 with no more periods, I didn’t have any more cramps or Endometriosis pain.

Was it a tradeoff: Menopause…Period, which was worse?i-love-speaking-with-women-around-the-country-1

For me, both! I suffered with a difficult menopause. If there was a symptom, I had it. I suffered with hot flashes, night sweats, irritation, dry skin, and vaginal dryness! I simply couldn’t take the debilitating symptoms and opted to go on a full regime of hormone therapy.

I must say it helped somewhat, but after 10 years of heavy duty estrogen and progesterone, I weaned off and low and behold ALL my symptoms returned and I was back where I started.

Many years have passed since the onset of menopause (both peri and post) and believe it or not I still get hot flashes every day, but one thing has changed for me–I don’t suffer from vaginal dryness any longer.

I have been on my own regime of Vaginal Renewal Complex for over 6 years and the irritation and dryness are gone. Sex is more comfortable and I feel great!!

Whether you’re 10 years old or 60 years old, talking and communicating with other women about what’s happening to your body is the most important gift you can give.

We are Women Helping Women. It’s Menopause Awareness Month. Keep the conversation going!


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